Who we work with

We typically work with three types of clients

  • Business leaders and senior managers of small and medium sized businesses in a variety of sectors – helping them to grow their business and unlock the full potential of their business by providing them with timely insights to overcome challenges and forward plan their business. Click here to find out more….. or see some examples of sectors we’ve worked on before
  • Consultants and Professionals – where data analytics can add immense value to their own consulting activities, but where their needs are often ad-hoc or project based. Click here to find out more…..
  • Other research agencies – who are looking to increase their analytical capacity, or to use analytical techniques which are beyond the norm. We also collaborate with qualitative researchers on multi-disciplinary projects. Click here to find out more……

We’ve also got some case studies of real-life project we’ve work on so you can see how we can help organisations achieve.