Our values

Belake Research is guided by a strong sense of business ethics. Some of our guiding principles are as follows:

  • Dedication to the customer. We focus on our clients needs, and we’re committed to answering the questions our clients want us to.
  • We take the time to understand the real problem the client needs resolving in the context of your organisation. 
  • Accuracy is a high priority for us, and we have a reputation for attention to detail.
  • Solving the problem. Once we’ve taken on a problem we don’t stop until it’s solved, or we have confirmed it is impossible to solve.
  • Providing actionable results. Because we take the time to understand your business, we can provide results that are specific to your situation, and point to real world actions that you can take
  • Telling the client something they didn’t already know. We specialise in finding out new and useful information for you. 
  • Finding a solution for all our clients be they big or small, private or public, profit making or non-profit.
  • Social responsibility. In keeping with our long term vision, we want to make a real difference to the world, so we help on issues that are important, even if they don’t always generate a profit.