Case Studies

Data Analytics and Research can help organisations achieve their objectives in a wide variety of ways. The following examples are real-life case studies of when we’ve brought our analytical capabilities to bear.

Reducing Antisocial Behaviour

Our client was a public sector local body, which was looking to tackle an increase in antisocial behaviour. A Belake Research analyst was deployed for a time-limited project to help them focus their limited resources to have maximum impact. Read the full case study here.

Driving Efficiency

Our client was a third sector organisation which was suffering a reduction in funding. They rapidly needed to assess how to reduce their costs to minimise the impact on their front line services. Belake’s ability to mix financial modelling with data analysis quickly identified which services presented the best opportunity for efficiency gains. Read the full case study here.

In depth Market Review

One of our most frequently asked for services is one of our in-depth market review. A fine balance of value for money, this is a thorough review of the potential market for a service or product that is tailored to your specific needs. And for less than the price of most off-the-shelf market analyses. Read a case study here.

Social Research

Understanding communities and assessing their needs is the essence of social research. In this example we helped a local organisation identify the needs of their community. Read the full case study here.