Financial Services and Insurance

Belake Research Ltd has been very active in the financial services in the past.

The most notable factor we can bring to the table is our clear discipline and accuracy, which puts robustness at the heart of your product.

We help our clients acquire new customers, whether it is through the provision of data for marketing financial products, customer profiling for better targeted advertising or segmentation so that you deliver the right message to the right people. Our services can help you grow your business. 

Our financial modelling expertise are of course of particular relevance in the financial services, and can bring real benefits. We can help you directly, by providing a robust analysis of your business, or to help you serve your clients, for example by robustly challenging the financial basis of an investment you’re about to advise a client to take up. 

And of course at the heart of the financial services our superior expertise can pay dividends,  where modelling and forecasting can keep you ahead of the game in the competitive investment arena.

Our market research analysis services are also of interest to those in the riskier end of financial investment. We can help you independently assess the viability of a particular direct investment opportunity, whether as shareholder or lender, helping to manage the risk of working in the high risk, high reward sector.

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