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Does your arm hurt?

I hope not, I really do. If it does you should probably go and see someone about it. But sometimes your business can feel like a part of you, and when it’s not performing, you feel it’s pain.

Someone once said that good research and analysis is like an x-ray of your organisation, giving you a view into the inner workings of your organisation. Certainly research and analysis is about providing insight and intelligence, but good research is so much more than this.

Good analysis needs a good analyst, much like a good x-ray requires a good radiographer. The radiographer fine tunes the equipment to make sure the image is as clear as possible and that there is enough detail on the image.

Most people could look at an x-ray and tell you that whether it was a leg or an arm. Many might even be able to tell you that the arm is broken. However it would take an orthopaedic consultant to determine whether it was an undisplaced Colles’ fracture, or an Essex-Lopresti fracture. A good consultant would also know that the first can be treated with a cast whilst the latter will require surgery and some metal in your arm. They would also be able to tell you that the Essex-Lopresti is associated with a fall from height but the Colles can be an indicator of osteoporosis.

So from the x-ray a consultant can tell you diagnosis but also the cause and the treatment. And like this, great analysis not only tells you what is going on but also why, and what you might do about it.

But we must not stop there. 

Because patients might not know if their arm was definitely broken, just that it hurts, a lot. But it might be a sprain, a burn or nerve damage. So before we even start we need to check exactly what is wrong, the true nature of the problem, so we can determine if an x-ray is the best way to start.

Similarly, exceptional analysis starts with a thorough examination of the problem and proceeds through:

  • the selection and application of the most appropriate analysis (the x-ray),
  • The development of clear, concise and actionable conclusions (it’s broken, and the type of fracture)
  • Analysis of the options and implications for the future (whether to treat with surgery or just a cast)
  • A review of the likely causes to help you prevent a similar situation (whether it was likely to be osteoporosis or a poorly placed ladder)

I believe Belake Research is unique because it can deliver all of these stages, which makes us truly exceptional and why we are different.

Which brings me back to my original question: Does your business arm hurt? If so get in touch today and you’ll be surprised by what we can do.

And if it doesn’t, we can still give you some tips on how to tune up those business biceps.

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