Who We Work With

Voluntary Sector

We have a proud tradition of working with the voluntary sector.

Belake Research is founded on the belief that mathematical, statistical and data analysis can bring real benefit to the world, and the voluntary sector gives us an opportunity to prove that this is true. Our Social Responsibility programme means that we are frequently able to offer our services at exceptionally good value to our voluntary sector clients.

We’ve worked on a variety of projects for a number of different voluntary sector clients, ranging from a small local community group to a large national charity. For example, we’ve helped a community group understand the local community they work in. For another charity, we helped our client understand the types of customers they work with, segmenting them into key types, so that they could provide a tailored approach to their customers.

Charities have been set up to tackle a wide variety of social issues, and this is where the way we work can pay dividends. Because we take the time to understand our clients needs, we can tailor our approach to the specific challenges your organisation faces and draw conclusions that really help you achieve your organisation’s objectives. 

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