Who We Work With

Small Business

We love working with small businesses, because they experience the most dramatic changes, and we can work in partnership with them to support them through periods of flux. For the fresh startup, or for the more established business looking to grow, we can help all businesses achieve their objectives. 

We recognise that smallest businesses have the tightest constraints to work in and we take pride in our ability to provide useful, quality analysis whatever your limits may be.

Startup Business

For the startup or new product/service, we can provide a market analysis which is a bespoke review of the market you’re considering entering. Tailored to you specific product or service, the objective is to provide you with all the information you need to assess the business opportunity. 

One of the key benefits of market research for the start up is to mitigate uncertainty. The introduction of a new business, product or service is a risk, and good information can help you understand and mitigate those risks and plan for alternative scenarios. 

Established Small Businesses 

We can help the established small business with their growth strategy or expand into new markets. However with an established customer base there is greater opportunity to explore both your business processes and understand your customers better.

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