Application Areas

Market Research

Market research is one of the most common areas in which we apply our expertise, principally through surveys & market analysis.

Surveys & opinion polling

We can plan, execute and analyse surveys to whichever audience is most appropriate for you. We can design statistically robust surveys, coordinate the data collection phase, whether it be face-to-face, telephone interviews or internet surveys. The final phase is the input and analysis of results.

Throughout the project the Belake difference will be clear:

  • In the design phase, our attention to detail will ensure that the questionnaire is designed to produce robust results.
  • In the execution phase out team of trained researchers and interviewers can make sure the data is collected consistently and accurately.
  • Alternatively, our in house survey system means that you can have complete control and flexibility over your internet questionnaire design & flow.
  • Finally in the analysis phase, our core analytical skills come to the fore, providing deeper insights and more intelligence about your customers or the potential for your product.

If you don’t already have a survey audience, we can help here to. We have relationships with several major survey providers, allowing access to a huge, worldwide audience for your project, creating a reliable sample base and genuine real world results about the potential for your product or service.

Market Analysis

But not all our market research projects involve surveys. One of the most common projects is a market analysis, which is a thorough review of a market sector or industries, specific to the product or service you are considering. Quite often many of our clients consider a market analysis as an alternative to a survey, since with our expertise, we can answer many questions using the broad range of existing data sources we have at our disposal.

With the experience of many different projects under our belt, we have established a methodology that ensures you get the information you need, covering key topics such as

  • market size and trends,
  • customer profiling,
  • competitor analysis,
  • product analysis,
  • barriers to entry,
  • and much more.