Here are some of the many different industry sectors where we can assist our clients

Leisure and hospitality

There are a huge range of different services and activities competing for people's spare time and disposable income.  Belake Research can help you stand out from other operators and help you target the customers most likely to bring you the best opportunity. 

Our advanced customer segmentation techniques can help you target only those customers who are likely to be interested in you, vastly reducing the cost of new customer acquisition. Our customer satisfaction and feedback services can help you make them come back time and again.

Our financial modelling expertise can make sure you are operating with maximum efficiency whilst our cost analysis can help you concentrate on those activities which bring the best rewards.

Even if you're not operating in the front line of the leisure and hospitality industry, we've probably some relevant experience. 

Why not get in touch today and find out more about how we can help you and our experience in the leisure industry.

Transportation and Distribution

Belake Research can make a real difference when we collaborate with our clients in the transportation and distribution industry. 

Here are just a few ways in which we can help:

  • Route optimisation, making sure you deliver on your promises with the best efficiency, whether in terms of cost, staff time or distance. 
  • Financial modelling and analysis. This can help you identify the most cost effective business, whether it is in terms of the most profitable customers, routes, products or services. Or it can help you identify potential efficiency savings by reviewing your costs globally.
  • Customer satisfaction, making sure your services are meeting customer needs, and identifying where improvements to customer service can be made.
  • Client satisfaction. If you deliver for major clients as a contract, are you confident that the client is happy, and that they will return to you when that contract comes up for renewal?
  • Business development. If you're sure there's more business to be had out there, but don't know where to start, try one of our super value market analysis projects which will give you everything you need to know to serve a new area.

There are many more areas in which Belake Research's expertise can be used to help you work more effectively, resolve challenges and expand.

Financial Services and Insurance

Belake Research Ltd has been very active in the financial services in the past.

The most notable factor we can bring to the table is our clear discipline and accuracy, which puts robustness at the heart of your product.

We help our clients acquire new customers, whether it is through the provision of data for marketing financial products, customer profiling for better targeted advertising or segmentation so that you deliver the right message to the right people. Our services can help you grow your business. 

Our financial modelling expertise are of course of particular relevance in the financial services, and can bring real benefits. We can help you directly, by providing a robust analysis of your business, or to help you serve your clients, for example by robustly challenging the financial basis of an investment you're about to advise a client to take up. 

And of course at the heart of the financial services our superior expertise can pay dividends,  where modelling and forecasting can keep you ahead of the game in the competitive investment arena.

Our market research analysis services are also of interest to those in the riskier end of financial investment. We can help you independently assess the viability of a particular direct investment opportunity, whether as shareholder or lender, helping to manage the risk of working in the high risk, high reward sector.

Media, Advertising, Television and Music

One of the big challenges of the media industry is that you may never actually come into contact with your customer.

This is where our advanced statistical abilities can really help. We can help you reconnect with your audience. What are their real opinions about your services? How many actually read, view, watch or tune in? Of those, how many actually take away your key messages?

We can also help segment your audience so you can give tailored messages or content to different audiences, increasing your appeal and communicating more effectively. 

We can also provide independent feedback from your audience to you. This can help improve your services and help you identify ways to expand your appeal.

It's also important to be able to provide reliable and robust metrics to your clients. We can help you construct meaningful metrics that allow you to demonstrate the effectiveness of you audience engagement. 

Professional Services

For organisations in the professional services sector, such as legal services, HR & recruitment, accountancy and consultancy. We can help in two ways.

Firstly we can help you develop your own business, through a variety of services. From satisfaction surveys of existing customers to new client acquisition, there are a number of ways we can help you grow your business.

However, one of the most common ways is through a partnership approach. By collaborating with us you can access our unique skill set and analysis capabilities. So you can provide your clients with all our capabilities of business process analysis, manufacturing process improvement, stock and inventory management and financial analysis, without the burden and overheads of taking on additional staff.