Inflation 20% higher for those on tight budgets

Belake Research has been doing some detailed research on differential inflation rates for different sections of the population. The research is not complete, but some of the initial findings are surprising.

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Black Friday is back

As the spectre of Black Friday looms again, we look back at some research we did this time last year and ask if retailers have learnt anything.

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Branding on Social Media

From supermarkets to clothing retailers and TV stations to restaurants, brands have been getting on the social media wagon. Even the Cadbury’s Crème Egg has a Facebook page of its own. All this is for good reason. According to Ofcom’s study on media use in the UK, 86% of adults access the internet and nearly three quarters of these people maintain a social media profile.  That’s a big audience out there and brands have embraced this new media to engage their consumers. It’s easy enough to sign up but the hard part is figuring out which platform to use and how to create relevant content. These are key factors when making an investment in social media marketing. 

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Spoilt for Choice

These days there is an abundance of choice in almost everything from ice cream flavors, global cuisines, phone models, TV channels, investments, or even romantic partners. Companies aim to produce different variants of one brand in an attempt to meet the particular needs of consumers, protect shelf space, and even sometimes create a consumer need. Has the world become a better place because one can pick from among 10 different variants of shampoo or is it a little too overwhelming?

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Optimisation of decision making

Optimisation strategies are important for a huge range of industries. From optimising manufacturing, to improving corporate business processes, whatever your domain, optimisation is simply about doing things better. We were recently introduced to an excellent and beautifully simple explanation of an optimisation problem by Lê Nguyên Hoang from MIT. It has applications in a whole host of industries, but Hoang uses a brilliant everyday experience that most people have been through to introduce it.

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