Buying data - avoid the pitfalls

In this article Steve Long explores the issues when buying email contact data.

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Black Friday - who wins?

As the Black Friday to Cyber Monday discount weekend comes to a close, Belake Research Ltd tries to decipher whether it was all worth it. 

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The best way to elect

Some of you may have noticed the small matter of an impending general election in the UK. As a bunch of statistics geeks we could try to guestimate the outcome of the closest run election in living memory, but there are thousands of 'experts' paraded through our news bulletins trying to do that already. So we thought we'd look at something a little different, but still relevant.

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Does your arm hurt?

I hope not, I really do. If it does you should probably go and see someone about it. But sometimes your business can feel like a part of you, and when it's not performing, you feel it's pain.

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Our new video

Check out our new video! This brief video introduces Belake Research and describes how our services can benefit your organsiation and help you overcome challenges and achieve your objectives. Take a look and let us know what you think!

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