Millennials and Their Mobile Shopping Habits

Retailers can look forward to a promising holiday sales period with 43% of UK shoppers reporting an increased confidence in their personal finances according to the Accenture UK Holiday Shopping Survey. In fact, a fifth of the shoppers expect to spend more on Christmas shopping this year compared to last year and the average spend is pegged at £493. Over half plan to do the majority of their shopping online and 41% will use mobile devices to get a better price by searching for discounts and deals.

This shift to online shopping is expected to increase. Verdict Retail expects that UK online retail spending will grow 45% over the next 5 years to value £62.7billion in 2020. Online shopping isn’t limited to just one device either. Over half of online shoppers use more than one device. 

Results from the Worldwide 2015 Consumer Mobile Holiday Shopping Survey by Harris Poll provides some interesting insights for online shopping particularly among UK millennials (18-34 years old). 60% of millennials will buy more online than from brick and mortar stores. What’s more is that even when they shop in-store, almost two thirds (64%) will check their mobile device for reviews, price comparisons and discount vouchers. This emphasizes the need for retailers to ensure a smooth and secure digital experience, one that synchronizes with an in-store shopping experience as well.  

The cost of failing to deliver on high expectations of shopping experience is high. 83% of millennials using smartphones and tablets will abandon a slow or bug-infested app to go elsewhere or worse, give up entirely on the transaction. To add insult to injury to the retailer, over half (52%) of millennials are more likely to vent about poor shopping experiences on social media compared to UK adults in general (44%). This impacts brand image and spoils the water for other prospective shoppers. 

Customers are leading the way, enabled by social media and mobile devices. Retailers are under pressure to deliver exceptional service in-store and on the various digital platforms or face immediate consequences.