Image of our videoOur corporate video introduces how our research services can help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals. 

Data Support Services

To facilitate the effective analysis of customer data, we have a range of data support experts. 

Even if your project does not require complex analysis, you can access our data support services directly so that even the most basic of data collection tasks is done with the rigor, accuracy and attention to detail that is characteristic of our reputation. 

Database Administration 

We have access to experts in just about any database architecture that is in regular use today. This means that we can handle any database extraction tasks ourselves, without burdening your IT staff.

Frequently our clients want to incorporate our analysis into their regular monthly reports. With our database administration experts we can automate analysis so that you are not reliant on Belake Research's expertise forever.

Data Collection & Cleansing

Data collection and cleansing is often dismissed as an easy, junior task and not given much thought. However at Belake Research we are well aware that good analysis starts with good data, because if the data is not reliable, then any analysis based on it will be unreliable. 

So at Belake Research we have a team of data collection, entry and cleansing specialists. So if your project requires a data collection element, it will be done with the same level of accuracy as the rest of our work. But if your project is all about data collection , then we are still the best resource for you.


Many projects, usually ones involving surveys, require the collection of people's sentiments and opinions.

Our trained interviewers are adept at getting your customers to open up and give their opinions freely. It's not assimple as just picking up the phone and asking away. It's important that a professional approach and correct interviewing techniques are used so that respondents are not lead in their responses and the views are not misrepresented.