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Theatre and the arts

Belake Research has experience of working with a range of different organisations on the arts sector whether profit making or not.

We've worked with the smallest community theatre up to larger more established institutions.  We've also worked with a range of arts sector support services, including a funding organisation. 

Whatever your size or purpose, Belake Research has a range of services that can be applicable to your organisation. From customer satisfaction, to audience measurement and segmentation. We can also help nonprofit organisations demonstrate the public benefit they bring, which can be valuable information when dealing with the myriad of different funding opportunities. 

Green, environmental and waste management

The 'green' sector is one of the most dynamic and fast moving of all the industry sectors. With government legislation and regulations changing regularly, and new trends emerging on a weekly basis it can be a challenge tostay abreast of everything. So why not consider a Belake Research market analysis for your product or service. We van highlight the key trends, customer needs and competition, tailored specifically to your organisation, product or service.

Alternatively our financial modelling expertise can help you demonstrate the cost effectiveness of your product over standard products.

But even if you work in such an innovative dynamic sector, some of your business needs are still the same. And we can still help with customer satisfaction, awareness and brand identity. We can help you analyse your costs and improve processes to become more profitable. 

Voluntary Sector

We have a proud tradition of working with the voluntary sector.

Belake Research is founded on the belief that mathematical, statistical and data analysis can bring real benefit to the world, and the voluntary sector gives us an opportunity to prove that this is true. Our Social Responsibility programme means that we are frequently able to offer our services at exceptionally good value to our voluntary sector clients.

We've worked on a variety of projects for a number of different voluntary sector clients, ranging from a small local community group to a large national charity. For example, we've helped a community group understand the local community they work in. For another charity, we helped our client understand the types of customers they work with, segmenting them into key types, so that they could provide a tailored approach to their customers.

Charities have been set up to tackle a wide variety of social issues, and this is where the way we work can pay dividends. Because we take the time to understand our clients needs, we can tailor our approach to the specific challenges your organisation faces and draw conclusions that really help you achieve your organisation's objectives. 

Terms & Conditions

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Public Sector

Belake Research has a wide range of experience of working with a number of public sector organisations, including fire services, police and local authorities.

With our expertise you can gain greater insights into challenges that affect your organisation. For example we worked with a police organisation to understand what drives victim satisfaction both immediately after a crime and in the long term. 

On another project we used our data analysis skills to help a local NHS service understand its staffing requirements in more detail and make sure they remained within working time regulations and ensuring the safety of patients.

Belake Research has a strong social responsibility ethic and we relish the opportunity to work on challenging problems that can make a real difference to society. So we always relish the opportunity to work with our public sector clients.